Most people have no idea how much it costs to operate an animal shelter. The reality:

At HELP Humane the food bill alone is $1000 a month. The electric bill is $500-600 a month in the winter. In summer, with air conditioning, monthly power costs are well over $1000. 

Shelter supplies, gas, water, and trash pickup are at least another $1000 monthly. Transporting animals and supplies requires gas and vehicles. 

Veterinary costs range from $5000 to 10,000 per month—if no one needs emergency care, which is seldom the case. We rescue from many high-kill shelters and provide care they do not. 

Much of our administrative work is done by loyal volunteers and many of our mailings and printed materials are donated, but keeping our office up and running still requires computers, phones, printers, supplies, postage and more.

Flea treatments, deworming supplies and meds run several hundred dollars every month. We do 18 to 20 loads of laundry every day to keep our animals’ environment fresh and clean. 

HELP Humane is a 24/7 operation; no holidays or weekends provide time off. As you can see, caring is an expensive endeavor. HELP uses our resources carefully, but we never cut any corners on animal care. 

You can be assured your donation will be used wisely and well. 

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