Shelter Buddies

Please consider becoming a Shelter Buddy with a regular monthly donation. Consistent contributions by these special shelter friends help pay for the necessities and keep our doors open.

The challenge to have sufficient funds to care for our animals is a continuing one. The need for ongoing, consistent support is urgent. 

HELP Humane is seeking compassionate people to become new Shelter Buddies. Your gift, combined with the regular gifts of other Buddies, will help provide essential services for abused, abandoned, and neglected cats. We need you! 

Become a Shelter Buddy for as little as ten dollars a month—about the cost of a couple of fancy coffees. Or choose to give more. Your dollars will make a real difference. And, knowing how much you are helping these sweet animals will make you feel better than a double latte. 

Your donation is very much needed, will be carefully spent, and is appreciated beyond words (think meows and bow- wows). You will never get a better return on an investment!

Become a Shelter Buddy

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